Posted by: sdunnpastor | July 21, 2010


Pastors George Jensen and Jim Klock at the Enola First Church of God (near Harrisburg PA) serve a traditional church trying to intentionally develop an outward focus. They have a new ministry called OPERATION LIFE BOAT.

Pastor Jensen writes:

By now many of you have heard my message on July 18 concerning Operation Lifeboat and Pastor Jim’s message on July 11 from Nehemiah 1. I truly believe that God is calling us to send out “Lifeboats” to reach lost people in our area who will never darken the doors of our church.

Right now no one knows what these Lifeboats will be or when they will be launched. However, to give you an idea what these Lifeboats might look like, I have thought of a few possibilities:

1. New small group Bible studies meeting in people’s homes
2. Acts of service and kindness similar to last year’s “Rake and Bake”
3. An additional worship service off site (like at a school auditorium or hotel meeting area)
4. Planting a new church

NOTE: These are only ideas that I have thought of. God may lead us to send out Lifeboats that are completely different from the four mentioned above. Also, we will be wise to send out one Lifeboat well rather than several haphazardly. God will guide us!

On July 11, Pastor Jim mentioned several things we can learn from Nehemiah’s adventure: prayer, planning, flexibility and perseverance. Let’s take the first of things from Nehemiah and apply it to Operation Lifeboat: prayer. I believe we need to pray and ask God’s guidance.

Evangelism Today notes: You can connect with more on this blog by clicking OPERATION LIFE BOAT in our blogroll


  1. George Jensen is a pastor who is passionate about reaching the lost and unchurched of Enola. Jim Klock is just completing the core courses of the School of Evangelism. This is an excellent example of a local church developing an intentional evangelistic strategy appropriate to their context. I am eager to see what God does in and through them.

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