Posted by: sdunnpastor | July 22, 2010


As we began planning for the School of Evangelism for 2010, we felt strongly that we needed to add an elective on Evangelistic Preaching. Of particular concern to us as a commission in resourcing a conference with largely traditional churches, was to focus on how to preach to persons of a more post-modern thought process and particularly to unchurched people in our emerging culture.  Typically, evangelistic preaching as it has been practiced by persons like Luis Palau and Franklin Graham has grown from both a commitment to the Gospel and a firm understanding of the culture into which they must speak.  They move beyond “preaching to the choir” to “preaching to the lost.”

In today’s culture the form of such preaching tends to be a more wholistic communication, using not simply a sermon but an entire worship context to speak to the non-Christian at many levels to present the Truth that will set them free.  Gilbert Thurston, who has been the pastor for Chambersburg First’s highly successful United in Worship service and is now preparing a new church plant among the unchurched in Harrisburg, has agreed to teach this elective in 2010.  Gilbert has also worked for Rick Warren at Saddleback and the Evangelism Explosion ministry at Coral Ridge Presbyterian with Dr. D< James Kennedy.  His unique experience gives him an excellent perspective to what we are trying to accomplish.

You still have time to register for this class. It will be held at the Conference Office in Harrisburg on Saturday, August 7, 2010 from 8:30 am-3:30 pm. Cost is $25 payable by check to the ERC. To register call Chuck Frank at the ERC 717-652-0255 or email Steve Dunn at by no later than Monday, August 2.

We need at least two more students to confirm the class.  It will definitely we a Saturday well invested for the Kingdom of God.


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