Posted by: sdunnpastor | August 16, 2010


Gilbert Thurston teaching "Evangelistic Communication to Post Moderns"

The School of Evangelism is a ministry of the Commission on Evangelism of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God. It held its first class in September 2007 at the Friendship Community Church of God near Dover PA.  It was a two-day class on “The Theology of Evangelism” taught by Dr. Steve Dunn.  Originally the program was conceived to train evangelism mentors for local churches. These mentors would be certified consultants of the ERC who would help local congregations to develop an evangelism strategy for their specific context. The first class, however, included one student, Pastor Bob Malick of Mount Joy, who simply wanted to know more about evangelism.  The Commission quickly adjusted the purpose to provide evangelism training for any person (not simply mentors) who wanted to help strengthen their commitment to and understanding of evangelism.

The original school was three two day courses: theology: resources, methods & strategy; and apologetics.  In the second year, the format shifted to six one-day core courses. Last year the first elective was added, Youth Evangelism, the second best attended class in the program’s history.

This year the School added two electives: CHURCH PLANTING taught by Chuck Frank and EVANGELISTIC COMMUNICATION TO POSTMODERNS which was taught earlier this month by Gilbert Thurston, Jr.

Students from churches as far away as Massachusetts now share with six different instructors from within the ERC

In the 2011 school year, slated to begin in January; a fourth elective will be added, EVANGELISM AND THE INTERNET.  The program will shift then to five core courses with four electives.

The next offering in the 2010 School of Evangelism is CONTEMPORARY METHODS AND RESOURCES. It will be taught by Dr. Steve Dunn on Saturday, September 11, 2010 from 8:30am-3:30 pm at the Plainfield Church of God. You can register by contacting the Conference Office or by emailing


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