Posted by: sdunnpastor | August 26, 2010


What do you think of Trish’s idea?  It is a form of acts of kindness, servant evangelism, which I believe in but I’m still looking for how it generates a redemptive relationship. – Steve Dunn



  1. While I appreciate her zeal and her effort, I can’t help but think she is far more pleased in what she has done instead of what Christ has done and can do for the people she is attempting to minister to. Her efforts may bring someone to Christ, but without a relationship she will never no for sure.

  2. I agree. It’s back to evangelism to get a decision instead of evangelism leading a relationship for discipling.

  3. Warning: my cynical side is about to show up. I’m not always like this but drive-by evangelism like this always bothered me.

    I know the Spirit can work through any effort, but …

    • paying for the car behind expends a little cash, but no spiritual or emotional investment in the person in the car behind. Unlike other forms of servant evangelism, you don’t even have the chance to appropriately answer a question like, “Why are you doing this?”

    • there’s no context for the presentation of the gospel. It’s a shotgun approach. I guess that gets to the redemptive relationship you mention.

    • tracts? Really? Many people I know — believers or not — would toss them with the trash in the backseat without a second glance …

    Now. Since I don’t like to criticize without offering an alternative …

    Let’s say you pick a local fast food place or (something close to my heart) Starbucks and make it a habit to pay for the person behind you. The baristas are going to notice that. Chances are also pretty good that you’ll start to build a relationship with the staff. Maybe you don’t reach the people in the car behind you, but you are definitely building what could be a redemptive relationship with the staff. They, in turn, reach hundreds of cars behind you.

    • Tammie, this is a great alternative and it also follows the principle of multiplication. I’m going to include the idea in my next EVANGELISM METHODS class.

  4. So what I hear in the following comments is that tracting lacks in the relationship category. You are correct in that regard but it is not what we can do but only through Christ. If you are looking at a redemptive relationship then what happens if that person dies while you are fostering that relationship with out the Gospel. Result= if they haven’t hear the Gospel they will go to Hell! I do not negate building relationships but we waste precious time waiting to talk to someone about the Gospel and never do or we push to get our self satisfying decision that they have given their heart to Jesus. Keep in mind that we are only to be obedient to what God has commanded in scripture and get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit save them. You talk about back to getting decisions…what Trish is doing with tracts is a way to get the Gospel into peoples hands since she may not have time. Let’s not forget had it not been for a tract Hudson Taylor and many others may not have heard the Gospel. ANd the comment about people throwing them away…again the power is in the Gospel and we are to be obedient…stop being so focused on you in evangelism and discipleship.

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