Posted by: sdunnpastor | September 2, 2010



A Seminar for Traditional Churches Seeking

to Reach the Unchurched People of Their Community

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bare Memorial Church of God

Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania

9:00 am-3:30 pm

Dan Kimball tells us that we need to learn to become “bridges to the Bridge.”  How do we position ourselves as Christians to connect people with the Bridge of God’s Reconciliation–Jesus Christ?  Increasingly in 21st century America traditional churches have found themselves from the growing unchurced neighbors around them.  Traditional and more direct evangelism methods find it tough going with people who have no Christian roots or thoroughly secularized people who see spirituality as an option but not a necessity to everday living.  How does the church recover its calling us a sent people going and telling others about the Gospel?  How do identify the felt needs of our neighbors to introduce them to the deeper need they have for Jesus Christ and His Church?

Join us as we make the first public offering of a new seminar created by Dr. Steve Dunn, Chairperson for the ERC Commission on Evangelism.  You will have a a highly practical and spiritually encouraging equipping experience aimed at the person in the pew – adult and teenager, who simply wants to have an impact for Christ.  Cost is $15 for one person or $10 per person for churches regisering 5 or more people.

Contact Patty Baker at 717-898-8144 or Barb Harris at 717-652-0255 to register.  Deadline is October 15th, Lunch is included.  This Workshop is sponsored by the Commission on Evangelism and our host church, Bare Memorial.


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