Posted by: sdunnpastor | October 7, 2010


The Commission on Evangelism has three new DVDs available for group study in your churches. These DVDs will help raise the evangelistic temperature in your church, as well as their understanding of how someone comes to faith and grows in faith.

This is the study based on Dan Kimball’s They Like Jesus, But Not the Church. Copies of the book and study guide can be obtained from this link JESUS

This is an excellent study helping churches understand the barriers that must be eliminated in order for traditional churches to reach unchurched people.  It also talks about perceptions of Christians generated in the culture with counsel on how to change those persons by encounters with authentic biblical Christians.

The Externally Focused Life is based on a new book by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson.  Rick was our keynoter at ERC several years ago.  They talk about a life style that is focused beyond the church and into the community, opening us up to opportunities for outreach and evangelism.

Helping Your Friends Choose their Faith Path is by Mark Mittelberg.  It is a study of helping people explain their faith and others to understand the faith.

All these tools are available by contacting the Commission.  Call Patty at 717-898-8144 to request them or email


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