Posted by: sdunnpastor | October 17, 2010

“I Don’t Believe in the Bible”

Did you ever try to share your faith with someone who said, “I don’t believe in the Bible?”  Larry Moyer of Evangelism.Net shares some excellent thoughts on this matter.

How to Reach Someone Who Does Not Believe in the Bible

One of the frequent things people often say today when you discuss spiritual things is, “But I don’t believe the Bible”. Many people feel that at that point there’s nothing more they can do. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many things you can do that I’ll be discussing at our Igniter Lunch on June 17th, but two things are paramount. One is that it’s always important to take the offensive, not defensive. When people say, “I don’t believe the Bible”, one of the things I ask is, “What part of the Bible don’t you believe?” In other words, I put them on the defensive and I take the offensive. That’s very important because many of them have never read the Bible. It’s helpful for them to see that for themselves by posing such a pertinent question.

The second thing I remind them is that Christianity does not stand or fall on the Bible.  Christianity stands or falls on the most attested fact of history and that is the resurrection. The evidence of the resurrection is far outside the Bible. It’s been called the most attested fact in history. Even historians who are not believers have said that the one thing they could not deny is that there was an empty tomb on the third day. Therefore, I encourage people who say they don’t believe the Bible to turn their attention to the empty tomb. I remind them that if they disapprove the empty tomb, they will enter the Guinness Book of World Records because no one has succeeded in doing that. Interesting enough, I’ve never met one person who studied the empty tomb objectively that did not come to Christ.

When people say they don’t believe the Bible that’s not an obstacle; it’s an opportunity.



  1. What historians who are not believers have said that the empty tomb is undeniable?

  2. Fair question. We were re-posting a general post from a reputable evangelism web site but you would have to follow the link to the author and ask him to whom he was referring.

  3. A further comment. We posted this because of the fundamental statement made in the first paragraph that many people who say they don’t believe the Bible haven’t studied the Bible. I’m not sure I would agree that everyone who has studied the empty tomb comes to Christ. That’s the post’s author’s opinion. Again, the basic premise is sound – study the evidence objectively (with an open mind).

  4. By the same token, I have found that most people who claim that that history supports the resurrection have never studied history.

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