Posted by: sdunnpastor | October 27, 2010


Came across this great post from the Evangelism Coach

Today’s find gives you 20 ways to support Evangelism in your local church, whether you are a pastor or layperson in the church

  1. Pray
  2. Let session members (or Your leadership Team) know of your interest in evangelism.
  3. Volunteer to serve on the Evangelism Committee.  (If the church doesn’t have one, volunteer to start one).
  4. Encourage and support the church’s evangelism efforts (attend evangelism events and bring others to them)
  5. Ask others to pray for the work of evangelism in your church
  6. Invite or bring a friend to: church, circle meeting, Sunday school, special services
  7. Ask for (and support with your own attendance) training in faith sharing (invite and encourage others to attend, also).
  8. Speak to visitors and new members EVERY Sunday!!!
  9. Pray
  10. Intentionally make a place for and welcome new people and visitors (at Sunday school, after church coffee hour, men / women’s meetings, covered dish dinners, worship, etc.).
  11. Be on the lookout for when and how you might appropriately share your faith with others
  12. Actually share with another person how God has acted in your life.
  13. Help your church building and worship service to become more user friendly
  14. Look for ways to reach out to the community in ministry and help those ministries happen
  15. Be on the lookout for ways to help young families feel more a part of your church
  16. Be on the lookout for ways to help young adults feel more a part of your church
  17. Adopt a visitor to church (invite them to lunch after church, help them meet other people)
  18. Become a “matchmaker” for visitors to church (help them meet and sit with someone with whom they have something in common)
  19. Pray
  20. Pray

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