Posted by: sdunnpastor | December 15, 2010


2011 is fast approaching and the Commission on Evangelism has already made preparations to serve our local churches in developing an effective ministry of evangelism.

The School of Evangelism enters its fourth year of ministry. A new structure for its core offerings and an expanded set of electives are designed to equip the local church, its pastors and its leaders in a variety of ways.

Each year the first course offering focuses on the theology of evangelism. This year has an entire new course that shifts from its former emphasis on the biblical mandate for evangelism to the far more critical theological issue, What is the Gospel? Course instructor Dr Steve Dunn has developed a new text which helps the student understand the basic apostolic message that forms the Good News. Even if you have previously taken this class, it will be worth your time to take this new version which addresses the problem of the counterfeit gospel that is often preached even in the church.  This class meets Saturday, January 22, 2011 at the Friendship Community Church of God in Dover PA. It runs from 8:30-3:30 and costs $25 per student (which includes the text). You can can register by going to the commission website and click the registration link.

The second course offering will be Saturday, February 19, 2011 at the Conference Office. It is entitled Internet Evangelism and Social Networking Tools. T he Internet is the “Roman road” of the 21st century. This course talks about the dynamics and challenges using this tool to share the Good News. Practical instruction on Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, On-Line Bible Studies and Seeker Groups. This course also explains the “On Line Missionary” program of Global Media Outreach.    Course instruction will be a team composed of Josh Glacken, Global Media Outreach (the arm of Campus Crusade which sponsors the on-line missionary program); Nick Francis Stephens of our Mosaic Lancaster Community that uses social networking tools as a main component of their evangelism; and Dr Steve Dunn of Landisville, who will teach about evangelistic blogging and on-line small groups.

More about these courses and the additional ones in a future blog post. You can read about them again at the website by going to the School of Evangelism tab. Now is the time to register for the first class because preparatory materials are already available.  You will also want to be registering soon for the February Class on Internet Evangelism.

At the What is the Gospel class we will be experimenting with taping the class sessions for a possible on-line version for later in 2011.

A new blog has been developed to facilitate the classwork of the School.  Called Deeper Evangelism it is designed to provide preparatory posts – articles, videos, reflection questions for each class and follow-up posts to help the student enhance the classroom learning experience following the class itself.  You do not have to be enrolled in a class, however, to participate in the reflections and dialogue on the blog.  Check this out at DEEPER EVANGELISM. Register as a FOLLOWER to have posting privileges.


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