Posted by: sdunnpastor | December 28, 2010


This was posted on the blog LIFE’S A JOURNEY by Chad Chute, who is part of our new congregation in Harrisburg. We would love to have more such stories here or posted on our Facebook page ERC ENVANGELISM AND CHURCH PLANTING. Email your story to

This Christmas our church embarked on a mission of sharing the joy and meaning of Christmas in a practical way. Each day we practiced “random acts of Christmas” with individuals we encounter every week in our daily lives.

On Wednesday we brought smiles to over 100 people on our group “Random Acts of Christmas”. We went to the local Starbucks and gave away free tall drinks to everyone that wanted one.

You may ask what hot drinks have to do with Christmas. My answer everything. For years churches have celebrated Christmas by giving the community something many don’t care about, another service at their building and that is all. This year we gave them something that they could feel taste and understand. A truly free gift.

Over and over we were asked why we did this, no other church in the area does something like this. We were able to tell them, because we wanted to bring a smile to your face and that God loves when people practice acts of kindness.

Does this really make a difference? YES The next night my wife and I were eating next door and one of the girls who we gave a free coffee to, told us that she went home and told her sister that a church was giving away free Starbucks coffee, they want to check out this “different” kind of church.

Something special happens when we practice kindness without expecting something in return. All too often we expect something in return (come to our church, listen to what I have to say, let me tell you how your wrong). This holiday season let’s practice what Christ said, do good works so that Christ can be made famous. Let your light shine before men so that they can see YOUR GOOD WORKS and glorify your father in heaven


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