Posted by: sdunnpastor | December 30, 2010


As we get ready to move into the new year, we want to take a few moments and look at what God has been accomplishing through the Commission on Evangelism in the year 2010.

In 2009 the Commission began to shift to a new strategy and structure to support a God-sized vision for resourcing our local churches in the ministry of evangelism in their local communities.  In 2010 the Commission began to take intentional steps for that implementation and discovered God had a few surprises for us along the way.

In February, our staff associate, Chuck Frank had a God-scheduled appointment as an old friend introduced him to Josh Glacken.  Josh had just been appointed as the director for the Middle Atlantic Region of Global Media Outreach. GMO, an arm of Campus Crusade for Christ, was launching an on-line missionary program and was seeking to connect with local churches to identify, equip, and engage those “missionaries.”  Chuck introduced Josh to our chairperson, Steve Dunn.  In March, Steve and commission member Dan Masshardt were invited to Houston to learn about the program.  The Commission not only to support the program but to make a highlight of our presentation at annual conference.  A new “community” was created with Dan Masshardt and Samuel Ruggiero of the Commission becoming our first “missionaries.”  More people joined our community and in November, one of our local church mentors, Dave Anderson took over the leadership of this community.  In November Shippensburg (Paul Tatum) became the first church to set up a community of its own. This became such an important dimension, that the Commission added it as a further component to its basic strategy and structure.

Students from churches as far away as Massachusetts now share with six different instructors from within the ERC

The School of Evangelism, long the forefront of our ministry to serve our local churches, entered its fourth year with some redesigned classes and two new electives. Church Planting was taught for the first time in June by Chuck Frank, In August Evangelistic Communication to Postmoderns (originally planned as Evangelistic Preaching to Postmoderns) was taught for the first time in August.  Gilbert Thurston, Jr taught this class. Both will be part of the 2011 School as electives.  The Commission began exploring as 2010 concluded the expansion of the School itself to serve like-minded denominations in our area and to offer the School to our Allegheny Conference, where we might better assist the pastors and leaders of our Northwest District, as well.  With the plans already completed (including the addition of two new electives Internet Evangelism and Evangelism in the Small Church) and new faculty – Dave Anderson, Josh Glacken, Nick Stephens, the School is primed for a renewed effort not only to train local church evangelism mentors, but to service more and more of our churches.

As a number of our earlier and founding commission members moved on to other ministries, the Commission began to actively recruit new members to assist in our expanded mission.  Tammie Gitt of our Carlisle Church, a youth director and a person passionate for missions and use of the best technology for communicating the Gospel joined our commission in September.  Tammie will be working with our Web Site and Resources division. Paul Tatum, our pastor at Shippensburg  joined us in July. Paul is working on Resource Development and networking with our local churches.  In July, Elizabeth George of our Liberty Church in Manassas, Virginia, became our Ad Council Liaison. Elizabeth now manages communication for the commission, answering all inquiries made through the web site and on-line registrations for the School of Evangelism and Bridgebuilders Seminars. Dave Anderson of Mount Joy became a member in November.  Dave was among our first class of graduates from the School of Evangelism and has been serving as a local church evangelism mentor.  Dave will be focusing on the Global Media Outreach Division.  In January, Mark Halladay, pastor of our Roaring Spring Church and a graduate of the 2010 School of Evangelism, will become our newest member.  He will be working with Local Church Training. Three more persons are currently considering coming on board as members of the core commission.

This article continues tomorrow …….


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