Posted by: sdunnpastor | January 19, 2011


As we look back on 2010, the Commission on Evangelism made a number of steps crucial to a new strategy for serving our local churches and a new chapter of our ministry.

We made a concerted effort to move on-line with significant help to our churches.  Our previous web site was replaced in October by a whole new site and approach to this tool.  Called Evangelism Plus, the site was designed by Lisa Thurston. The new site featured better graphics, better descriptions of our ministry, links to other sites that recommended.  It also added an on-line registration feature for our training events and the School of Evangelism. This ended some of the confusion and delay for persons wanting to participate. The site also added a contact system by which persons could make their requests and be directed to the specific person on the commission with responsibility in that area.

The new web site was introduced as a part of a special series of breakfasts we held in four locations.  Jestingly labled Evangelism and Bacon, representatives from the commission hosted breakfast for more than 50 pastors and local church leaders to identify the challenges and needs facing our local churches in their evangelism ministries.  Excellent input and whole dialogues were created. The commission will continue this in 2011.  It is also considering the creation of “evangelism cohorts” to help encourage and support these local workers.

Dr Steve Dunn took over our blog, EVANGELISM TODAY and moved us into the realm of regular features prepared by our people or captured from the best of evangelism blogs and web sites.  We also invited people to follow us on FACEBOOK as we established the ERC EVANGELISM AND CHURCH PLANTING PAGE on that expanding social media tool. We now have over 100 friends who visit the Commission in this way. It has also added to our timely advertising of the School of Evangelism and other training events like Bridgebuilders.

This article will be continued ….


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