Posted by: sdunnpastor | February 16, 2011


Chris Forbes recently wrote a post for the Baptist Press on-line blog about using social media to spread the Gospel.  For more of Chris go to his web site for more.

In the article he shared these thoughts:

Some tips to leverage the power of social media for outreach in your community include:

Message: In order for your communication to have impact for your cause, it has to contain your message. As in all advertising, a funny or interesting video, even if it becomes a very popular online phenomenon, is useless to you if it doesn’t get people to take action.

“Meme”: The message of your viral outreach needs to be easy to grasp without explanation and easy to pass on to others. (“Meme” is a relatively new term for a concept that spreads via cyber channels.)

Meeting: Find the media that your target audience likes to use and go where the people are. Media researchers estimate 60 percent of adults belong to a social network, but most only belong to one.

Manage: Funnel the contacts you make in social media toward your website or blog. Make your website the second tier of your social media strategy. The third tier is when people register with your site. Mobilize the people who sign up on your site to help spread the message.

Material: Give people the content they need to pass on your message. Provide opportunities for your audience to make their own videos, allow them to put their pictures in e-cards — anything that helps to put them into the story line and send to their contacts that multiplies your message.

Mobilize: Make it easy to pass your content through word of mouth. Choose the video tools that allow you to embed your videos directly into Facebook, blogs, etc. Social bookmark tabs need to post your link and teaser copy into other sites.

Medium: Make your content a good match for the medium. Long videos will not be watched as much as shorter ones. Break paragraphs into articles and write lead sentences, remembering they also may serve as teaser copy for links when they are visible on other sites.

Marketing: Your content needs to link back to your sites and copy that promote your organization. Don’t leave the “More Info” section blank; include good copy using your key words and links.

Metrics: Watch the statistics. Check not only how many people view, forward or Tweet your content, also track how many click through and take the next step with your message.

Momentum: Start the ball rolling by forwarding your content to the networks of your intended target audience. Leave room in Tweet messages for people to “re-tweet” (RT) your messages. Prime the commenting by starting the first comment on links and posts you put in other networks. Push your message into new networks until it takes off on its own. Read more


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