Posted by: sdunnpastor | February 21, 2011


Saturday, February 19, 2011 the School of Evangelism offered its first elective of the 2011 term.   The class was called “Internet Evangelism and Social Networking Tools.”  It was team taught. Josh Glacken, Middle Atlantic Director of Global Media Outreach talked about the GMO “on-line missionary” program and various tools available for discipling persons via the internet.  Nick Francis Stephens, chief cultural architect for our new faith community in Lancaster, Mosaic talked about the spiritual foundations and guidelines for using social networking tools.  Nick then spoke particularly of the use of Face Book and Tweeter.  Steve Dunn, who is the Director of the School of Evangelism, and a prolific blogger talked about keys to web sites that connect with unchurched persons and then spoke at length on the spiritual discipline of blogging.  He talked about the idea of using  a blog to start spiritual conversations and build redemptive relationships with people on a spiritual journey.  Steve also gave very practical training on how to set up a simple blog. The group actually created a blog during class in about 7-8 minutes. That blog called QUOTES – Words of God from God’s People for God’s People can actually be accessed at QUOTES

This class was the first time offering of this elective.  It had nine students: two from AMP (Antioch Multiplication Project), two from Westminster, and students from Harrisburg First, Harmony Bethel, Wormleysburg, Columbia, and one other.  At this point we plan to offer this elective again in some version in February 2012.

There was a particular response for further training on blogging, with coaching on how to set one up, to write, to syndicate, and to evaluate.  Members of the commission are working on such a workshop through Dr Steve Dunn.  We will be planning to offer one in the next few months.  We are exploring offering a blogging workshop in cooperation with the interdenominational Parish Resource Center in Lancaster.

The next course offering in the School of Evangelism is March 19, 2011 at Enola.  Dr Steve Dunn will be teaching a theology class with practical applications called “Sharing Jesus With Postmodern People.”  The class will took at the scriptural themes and values that speak particular to the felt needs of people in emerging generations.  This will be an especially helpful class  for preachers, teachers, pastors and persons who regularly communicate with those younger and often unchurched generations.


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