Posted by: sdunnpastor | April 10, 2011


The School of Evangelism has completed its first three months (plus a week) in the 2011 school year.  We are off to a slow start so far this year.  We have held two core courses and two electives.  The core courses were from our THEOLOGY section: What is the Gospel and Sharing Jesus with Postmodern People. We have also shared two electives: INTERNET EVANGELISM AND SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS and YOUTH AND CHILDREN’S EVANGELISM. The best attended class overall was Internet Evangelism and the smallest Youth and Children’s Evangelism.

So far this year we have had students from Harrisburg First, Friendship Community, Westminster, Landisville, Columbia, Harmony Bethel, Wormleysburg, Penbrook, our AMP Project, and one from outside the denomination.  Harmony Bethel has provided three students–all of whom are new students and Westminster two–both of which are new.   Our instructors have come from Landisville, Mosaic, Carlisle, Camp Hill, and Global Media Outreach.

The next class is DEVELOPING A STRATEGY FOR EVANGELISM IN THE LOCAL CHURCH and will be taught by Chris Walker of Evangelism Coach.Net.  This class will be held at Enola on May 21st.  We are offering a special arrangement – $ 15 per person of $50 per church for four or more students.  Harmony Bethel has already enrolled the first two students.  Developing a Strategy is one of our CORE COURSES from the METHODS section of the School.

We will be offering SHARING JESUS WITH POSTMODERN PEOPLE a second time later this year by special request. There will be a special sign up at the sessions of the ERC Conference sessions.



  1. I’d love to know more about the School of Evangelism.

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