Posted by: sdunnpastor | April 21, 2011


The Church of God of Landisville has been honored by Child Evangelism Fellowship as the 2010-2011 Outstanding Adoptive Church of the Year.  The honor was bestowed at CEF’s Spring Volunteer Appreciation Banquet on April 9th at Lancaster Mennonite High School.  Landisville provides financial sponsorship at $1500 per year to the Good News Clubs at two nearby elementary schools – Landisville Primary Center and Landisville Intermediate Center.  The club at LPC is in its 4th year of support by Landisville. The club itself is led by a community mother, Kathleen Walters, and staffed by other parents, teachers, and members of Landisville Church.  With almost 90 students, this is the largest club in Lancaster County and resulted in almost 30 decisions for Christ.  Part of the staffers are young people from the church’s student ministry, BURN.  This school year, in response to a need, the church added the next elementary. This club is led by the church’s Director of Children’s Ministry, Lisa Kilgore, and includes many church members on its staff.

The Church also received two other of the CEF’s top five honors – Lucy Robbins as Outstanding Memory Verse Teacher and Kay Repine as Outstanding Mission Teacher. They work at LIC and LPC respectively.  Samuel Ruggerio, who works at the Primary Center club was nominated for two awards.

During the last two years the church has also provided staffing at two Lancaster City elementary schools to help get clubs up and running. Two years ago it hosted CEF’s major teacher training event for Good News Club workers.

In addition to this support, the church has an increasingly effective ministry connecting unchurched kids from the clubs to its children’s ministries and is now seeing families beginning to attend its 10:45 worship service.


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