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From Dave Anderson comes this report on work of our ERC Community (seven persons) in  2010.

Our Online Missions program funded 24,340 Gospel presentations.

New visitors resulted in 744 first time indicated decisions for Christ, 396 re-dedications to our Lord, and 72 seekers requesting further information. Our team spoke to 1,118 first-time visitors and 165 return visitors.  15% of these persons responded.  In 2011 already they have spoken to 506 visitors and 93 returnees.  18% of these persons responded.

Some of the countries we have received responses from:

Bangladesh                                Pakistan                   Poland

China                                            Philipines               Saudi Arabia

Egypt                                             India                       South Africa

England                                        Indonesia              Sudan

France                                          Iran                           Tunisia

Germany                                     Iraq                            Uganda

Greece                                         Libya                           USA

Ghana                                          Nigeria

In addition to the USA our greatest number of contacts have been in Africa and South America.  Contact Dave Anderson through the Commission web site for help with GMO.



  1. Thanks for the GMO plug. Let me add some ways that the Lord is working to reach the unsaved around the world.

    1. With the recent social and political unrest in the Middle East, GMO has had a marked increase in traffic from the region.

    • In Egypt for example, visitors to GMO websites (150 total) for the week of February 17-23, 2011 totaled 94,789 compared to 28,300 for the same period in 2010. That is an increase of almost 70,000 people in one week seeking Jesus.

    • Decisions for Christ were up almost three-fold during that same period from 6,518 in 2010 to 17,128 in 2011.

    • GMO traffic from the all over the Middle East increased from 104,413 in 2010 to 201,505 in 2011. Clearly in the midst of the turmoil and chaos in that region, people are looking to Christ for peace and stability. Praise God that there are dedicated GMO on-line missionaries to witness and disciple these individuals.

    2. On Thursday and Friday March 24 and 25,2011, GMO embraced an ambitious undertaking which was to pray that 1 million people would come to the websites. Amazingly, on both days over 1 million people visited GMO websites. On the 24th there were one million visitors and on the 25th over i.5 million individuals visited.
    It is as of yet unclear how many decisions were made for Christ, but having the opportunity to let people throughout the world know and that Jesus loves them, is what makes GMO such a special ministry.

    3. I had the opportunity to speak at Shippensburg COG as part of their mission Sunday, on April 3. I participated in a panel discussion with other local agencies that are impacting the world for Christ. Praise God for opportunities to share what GMO is doing.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Global Media outreach, let me give this short explanation. GMO is an exciting new program, which is an Internet out reach ministry of the Camps Crusade for Christ. GMO allows individuals to be missionaries on-line and to reach the lost for Christ, throughout the world. I have personally ministered and discipled people in India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, and Iran, as well as the United States. With new technology via satellites, cell phones, and computers, we will soon have the capabilities to reach the entire world for Christ within a few short years.

    What we will need are Internet savvy individuals who are willing to share the Gospel with those who are not familiar with Him. This will give us an opportunity to better fulfill Jesus promise in Matthew 24:14 where he states, And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    Being an on-line missionary is not for everyone and it is not a replacement for short or long term missionary experiences. However, it is an ideal outlet for kingdom building individuals who may not have the resources or time for a missionary venture.

    If a pastor, church council, Sunday School, or small group would be interested, I would enjoy the opportunity to visit and share more about GMO. Please fell free to contact me via phone 717-371-5073 or e-mail

    Dave Anderson

  2. Hi. Are you the Dave Anderson that once attended Christian Faith Center Church in Seattle Washington? It was in the 1980’s. I know this Dave Anderson was a missionary to the Philippines. I would like to connect with someone in the Philippines, (specifically Davao area);as I am called to go back to the Philippines to start a ministry. My number is 206-790-3875 or 253-752-8598. Please let me know one way or the other.

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