Posted by: sdunnpastor | May 23, 2011


Many churches have begun to reach out to their communities and neighborhoods. They have begun to develop strategies of outreach, to respond to and meet their neighbors’ needs.

There is a danger in all of this.  Outreach, although never easy, is easier than evangelism.  Lots of time and energy is invested in serving the community in practical ways.  But much of it is done without communicating the message of Jesus Christ.  We do many good things in Jesus’ name but do not necessarily lift up the name of Jesus.  Recovery programs, food pantries, neighborhood clean-ups, childrens’ day camps do not necessarily include conversations with people about Jesus Christ and the Good News he brings.  People are easily motivated by the sense of personal satisfaction that comes from knowing they have done a good thing; but often fear is the motivation for letting it stop there.

Chris Hunter, the Evangelism Coach, recently made this comment in a workshop I attended.  “Without an opportunity to actually talk to people about Jesus Christ, all we are doing is good deeds.”

Do we create those opportunities?

Do we equip or train people to carry on those conversations?

Do we value these conversations even more than the blessing that comes from doing something good?

They are questions worth asking?  The answers will impact the eternal destiny of those for whom we are doing good.

– Steve Dunn


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