Posted by: sdunnpastor | May 29, 2011


Steve Dunn teaching Bridgebuilders at Camp Hill

The Commission on Evangelism and the School of Evangelism would like to thank two West Shore churches and another Cumberland County church for providing key venues for our March, April and May teaching events.  In March, Enola hosted the School’s core course called “Sharing Jesus With Postmodern People.”  In April Carlisle opened its doors to our elective “Evangelism of Youth and Children.” Camp Hill was the host for our second Bridgebuilders Seminar of 2011. Then in May we returned to Enola as more than 50 persons shared with Chris Walker, who taught “Developing a Strategy of Evangelism in the Local Church.”  (This one of our core courses.)

The Commission on Evangelism is committed to resourcing the local church in the work of evangelism in its unique setting.  Holding these events in local churches is one of our goals.  We thank these churches for being integral partners in the work that we do as as a Commission through our School of Evangelism.

Chris Walker teaching in the sanctuary at Enola


Walker on the pastor as a model for personal evangelism


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