Posted by: Tammie | June 7, 2011

The motivation and the pursuit

Much has been written about the why’s and how’s of evangelism. Much less has been written about our motivation for evangelizing.

In a guest post on the blog, Life in Student Ministry, Mark Riddle recently wrote about the concept of pursuing others for Christ, suggesting that the motivation may come more from our need than God’s direction.

Here’s a portion of the concluding paragraphs of the post:

Perhaps the way of Christ is less about pursuing or targeting others and more about inviting people in to a way of God that you are already living. Perhaps its the fact that so many people in the church only know how to pursue others rather than live faithfully with the people who are already with them? Perhaps it’s helpful to remember that some people don’t want to be rescued and that the more you pursue them, the more you are convincing them that they want nothing to do with you.

So, go and make disciples. Invite people into life with you. And lets all deal with the our own sin, the psychosis, needs and compulsions to misrepresent Jesus by targeting and pursuing others in Jesus name.

Read the whole post at Life in Student Ministry.

What do you think? How do our evangelizing efforts reflect pursuit? How can we move closer to an invitation?



  1. Part of the way we can do this is by carrying out the ministry of evangelism through building redemptive relationships that allow us to hear the heart and questions of another, to earn the right to speak into their lives at various points. It also means not abandoning them after the decision but taking responsibility to help them develop a discipleship lifestyle.

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