Posted by: sdunnpastor | July 26, 2011


As a church with a smaller congregation, do you ever wonder, “How do I compete with the bigger churches”? While reaching the lost for Christ should never be a competition, I’ve heard church leaders lament that, “We don’t have the people, the resources, the programs to effectively evangelize like the larger churches.” While these can be concerns, they do not need to be drawbacks as a smaller church seeks to fulfill the Great Commission.

On August 13th, at Fairview Bethel Church of God, we are going to look at evangelism from a smaller church perspective, and hopefully realize that small churches can effectively reach their community for Christ, if that is truly what they want to do. Some of the things we will look at are:

  • Does our church have a heart for the lost?
  • The difference between being congregationally minded church and a community-minded one.
  • Church DNA
  • Pastor’s role
  • Barriers to evangelism (motivation, finances)
  • Solutions to evangelism concerns
  • A realization that job of evangelism belongs to the entire church not just a chosen few.

We would also like to discuss any unique challenges or opportunities that your church may be facing. We look forward to seeing you on August 13th.

Submitted by Dave Anderson and Dan Masshardt, the instructors for this call.


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