Posted by: sdunnpastor | February 12, 2012


From former commission member, Steve Oberman, comes this exciting report from the Broad Top region of our Eastern Regional Conference.  We would love to hear all of your stories.

The Broad Top Church of God stepped out in faith believing that God wanted to speak and move among brothers and sisters in the body of Christ from the Broad Top area. After faithful prayer by four people at the Broad Top Church of God, it was discerned that God was moving hearts to have services on January 29 through February 1. It was also discerned at that time that if God so moved, that additional nights would be added.

On January 29, 2012, Pastor Alfred Chamberlain from the Raystown Brethren Church brought God’s word. There were 85 people in attendance from many of the local churches. It was obvious from the start that God wanted to begin with the pastors. At the end of the service, six pastors went forward to the altar to ask God to do that deeper work of renewal within our lives.

On January 30, 2012, Pastor Jeff Musser from the Broad Top Church of God was called upon to bring God’s message to the body. There were 53 people in attendance from the local churches. God moved the hearts of several people to come and ask God to do a deeper work. Many of the folks who came to the altar expressed a desire to be free from unforgiveness, sadness, and disobedience. God was doing a mighty work in people’s hearts. Of note there was one lady who came to the altar and as she was praying, other ladies came forward to pray with her.

On January 31, 2012, Pastor Tim McIntyre from the Riddlesburg Church of the Brethren preached a faithful message of repentance and returning to God. At the end of the service, many hearts responded to coming to the altar to ask God to do a deeper work within their lives. There were no barriers, just simple obedience to God. There were 65 people in attendance.

On February 1, 2012, Pastor Richard Bair from the Six Mile Run Church of God ministered. The most awesome sight to witness was that of a teenage girl who came bounding down the aisle to the altar to make a commitment to Christ. She was followed by others as they prayerfully sought God in change and renewal. At the end of this service, it was obvious that most hearts had discerned that God wanted to minister at least one more night and six pastors gathered at the end of the service and to faithfully prayed and ask God to provide the name of the pastor who was to bring the word. Pastor Dean Thomas of the Safe Harbor Church was the minister that God was calling to preach. There were 97 people in attendance.

On February 2, 2012, Pastor Dean Thomas ministered to 67 people gathered together to seek God and to allow him to change us. At the end of the service, a young woman came forward to the altar to ask if she could stand in for her uncle Denny who needed a heart transplant. Six pastors and several ladies who are faithful prayer warriors came forward to agree with this young girl in her prayer request. It was also asked that if anyone in the congregation wanted to come forward to agree and to petition God for a miracle that they may do so. Almost the entire congregation came forward.

After a season of prayer for Denny, the altar was once again full as people came forward for spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical healing and testimonies. A lady who came forward on Monday evening testified that for several years she went to bed every night with migraine headaches, God met her at the altar on Monday evening and she has not had a migraine headache since. A council member from our church testified that someone told her that God had moved their heart to make a donation to the church because of a pressing need. That pressing need is obvious; Broad Top Church of God needs more space to minister to the community. This person gave a cash donation of $5000.00.

On Friday morning, February 3, 2012 I received a call at 7:30 AM and was told that Denny, whom we had prayed for a new heart transplant was in Hershey being prepared to receive a new heart. Since that time God has not only replaced his heart, but is giving him a miraculous recovery. Denny gives all praise to God.

During the last night of our revival services, I was approached by a gentleman, who told me that he and his wife had just moved to the area. He said they had been praying for years to see a move of God like he had experienced in our revival services. He told me that he had never seen pastors of different denominations move and minister in one accord like he did during the services. He said it was awesome to watch the love and the faithfulness that each pastor had for the body.

Our charge at this point, is to conform to the image of Christ under the unction of the Holy Spirit. I look forward to the many more miracles and testimonies that will come from this revival. It’s not over, it’s simply beginning.


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